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Aurora Sailcloth Tent Wedding Package for 125 Guests

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You’ve found it, our Premier Aurora Sailcloth Tent Packages!

These are the exact ones you see in all of the latest Bridal Magazines, 100% Made In The United States of America.

All of our Sailcloth Tents are crafted with upgraded fabrics, which keep their pristine white color and beautiful appearance.  Many earlier and cheaper choices by other vendors become dingy and grey quickly, and may also have a mildew smell. If you are looking at other vendors, insist on Aurora Sailcloth only.

Our Tent Wedding Packages are some of our most popular items, and we’ve built them with the input from hundreds of happy customers. These can easily be rented just as is, or used as a starting place to add and upgrade items to meet all of your dreams! If you’re ready to rent one, or if you have any questions, please submit a request along with your tentative date, as these do book up quickly!

  • Comes with full Delivery and Setup of all items!
  • Round Tables – Seating for 125 Guests
  • Round Linens – Choice of Color
  • Rectangle Tables – Head Tables & Food Tables
  • Rectangle Linens – Choice of Color
  • Bride & Groom Round Table with Linens
  • Dance Floor – Choice of Wood or Black & White
  • Chairs – Variety of Styles to Choose From
  • Perimeter Lights – Twinkle or Globe Style Lighting

Total for Items Rented Individually- $5,100

Special Tent Package Price-$4,450

Optional Add Ons

  • Ring Lights +$450
  • Ring Lights with a 25 kw Quiet Generator $950
  • Side Walls +$480
  • Tent Heater +$600

$5,100.00 $4,450.00

Aurora Sailcloth Tent Wedding Package for 125 Guests

$5,100.00 $4,450.00

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