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Chafers and Food Warmers

Chafers and Food Warmers


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At Hampton Roads Event Rentals we strive for quality in all of our rental products from our tents to our dinnerware. Chafer rentals are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any meal. The sizes of chafers we have are  4, 6,or 8 quart sizes. Items are available in a variety of styles from streamlined to ornate. Food is kept warm by using lit canned heating (Sterno), which then heats the lowest pan, filled with a small amount of water to evenly distribute heat to your food. Use the food transport/warming cabinet to move hot food from the kitchen to the service area.

We also have table service rentals that will have everything you need for the buffet at your event. You may also want to look at our linens selection and choose a classic, clean tablecloth for your buffet line. If you need assistance in determining how many chafers your event will require feel free to contact the Hampton Roads Event Rentals team and we are happy to help you in any way!

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15 Quart Soup Tureen, 4 Quart Fancy Leg, 4 Quart Roll Top, 4 Quart Round, 6 Quart Oval, 8 Quart Fancy Leg, 8 Quart Magellan, 8 Quart Pan, 8 Quart Roll Top