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Chavari Chairs


Chavari Chairs

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Hampton Roads Event Rentals offers a selection of seating for any event. Popular among many customers is the Chavari chair. The original Italian styling of the Chavari chair is over 200 years old and its use has continued to some of today’s most prominent global events. Chavari chairs have been spotted as seating at the Grammy’s and Dancing With The Stars. These beautiful Chavari chairs are sophisticated, elegant, and a practical solution for managing seating from a small wedding to a large gala. We offer the Chavari chairs in a variety of finishes and choice of cushions. The colors for Chavari chairs we offer are Gold, Mahogany, and Silver. The cushions are available in white, ivory, and black and are included with the rental.  Our Chavari Chairs can transform any event venue into a beautiful and elegant atmosphere!

Our Gold is the classic color of the famous Chavari Chair. It is both festive and timeless. Our Gold is a rich gold color with hints of copper and a crisp finish.

Our silver Chavari has a crisp metallic finish and a healthy medium of depth.

Our Mahogany Chair is the darkest of our wood stains. The color is a dark warm brown with slight red tones that are similar to real antique Mahogany furniture.

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