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Frame Tents

Frame Tents


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Frame tents provide a versatility and utility unmatched by other tent styles. There are no center poles to obstruct your vision or layout. Frame tents are freestanding with minimal ropes, allowing them to be placed against other structures. This leaves the entire tent area under open for your seating, tables, staging and dance floor.This is what makes a frame tent rental so versatile.

Frame tents are prime rentals for events that require the maximum usage of space under the tent top. The tent top is secured to a tent frame, which is erected and supported by frame legs around the perimeter eliminating the need for center poles. Popular applications for outdoor frame tents include, but are not limited to, weddings, trade show exhibits, graduations, parties and many other events which may require a party tent. Whether your concept calls for a single tent or a dozen, a frame tent offers the convenience of open, temporary space whenever and wherever you need it.

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