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Grand Reopening Tent Specials


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These are renting out very quickly, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get YOUR customers back, and YOUR BUSINESS OPERATING NOW.

For Restaurant & other business owners who want to seat more customers NOW rather than having dining rooms be nearly empty, we have a selection of tents ready for immediate delivery and setup!

Get your customers seated and enjoying your services, rather than standing in line or leaving before eating.

Tents up to 900 square feet does not require a permit, only the property owners consent. Sizes up to 20×40 & 30×30 meet the requirement. Local governmental agencies are issuing permits for larger tent sizes.

Check with your local governmental agencies to confirm all specifics for your area.

All Tents featured on this page are for 1-Month rental periods, and we are offering a FREE week when you book them for three.

That means everything here is offered at 25% off from our standard rates. If you are interested in booking these for LONGER than one month, we are offering up to 30% off.

Frame tents provide a versatility and utility unmatched by other tent styles. There are no center poles to obstruct your vision or layout. Frame tents are freestanding with minimal ropes, allowing them to be placed against other structures. This leaves the entire tent area under open for your seating & tables. This is what makes a frame tent rental so versatile.

Frame tents are prime rentals for events that require the maximum usage of space under the tent top. The tent top is secured to a tent frame, which is erected and supported by frame legs around the perimeter eliminating the need for center poles.

Delivery is included for free! – Within the local delivery area – 20 miles from 23692



Grand Reopening Tent Specials



Don't Miss Out! Our Inventory Books Up Fast!

All Rental Periods Include Up To THREE Days (Friday to Monday - all for the same low price!)