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Peak Tents

Peak Tents


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Hampton Roads Event Rentals installs only Centrury® and Centrury® Mate poles and peake tents, which are the best in the industry and known for professional quality, spaciousness, elegant design, and high peaks. Numerous sizes of pole and peake tents help accommodate growing guest lists and leave an interior with an expansive space to decorate. Tall center poles create an illusion of even more space as eyes are drawn upward like in a cathedral.

These majestic, visually striking structures provide elegance and grand style with their graceful lines and sweeping peakes. They’re also our most cost-efficient tents, offering customers the ultimate in elegance and value. The popular tension-pole designs, available in an array of sizes, are the traditional choice for weddings and formal affairs.

Tents can transform ordinary outdoor space into an extraordinary indoor experience. Many different accessories are available to create your signature presentation, like specialty lighting, heating, cooling, and either solid, or widowed walls. Some clients like to use the poles as a feature, decorating them with vines, plants, fabric, or flowers.

A pole tent is anchored in the ground by staking. This maximizes the tension and creates a smooth appearance with high peaks. They must be staked in the ground, so grass is preferable for these tents however we do have other options that can be staked into asphalt or concrete. At Hampton Roads Event Rentals we are always event-ready, our tents are meticulously maintained by regularly cleaning with our industrial tent-washing machine.

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