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Tent Fans

Tent Fans


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If you are planning an event this Spring or Summer remember to reserve tent fans in your Hampton Roads Event Rentals order. Fans will keep the air moving during your event and keep your guests cool. At Hampton Roads Event Rentals we maintain a large inventory or cooling equipment. You will have a choice between three different types of fans. There is the 30″ Pedestal Fan, the 42″ Drum Fan, and the Tent Fan. The Tent Fan will hang discretely in the corner of your tent.

Depending on the size of your event you may desire to rent multiple fans as Virginia and North Carolina are known for their hot, humid Summers. At Hampton Roads Event Rentals we are happy to accommodate you and your visions for your event. We will be sure to recommend an appropriate amount of cooling equipment in respect to the size and nature of your event.


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