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Hampton Roads Event Rentals has everything you need to enjoy your next event no matter the weather. Tent heaters are essential to any outdoor event during Fall and Winter. Keep your guests warm by choosing from a wide selection of heaters. We offer two different sizes of propane heaters. Benefits of renting a propane heater is they will safely and quietly heat the interior of your tent. By adding a tent heater in your tent rental you can easily host outdoor events all year long. Don’t forget about the exterior of your tent. Lava heaters and mushroom heaters are excellent options to make the exterior patio space inviting for guests. Hampton Roads Event Rentals has created multiple elegant December holiday parties with tents. Don’t let the cold weather force you to rent a hall, when outdoor spaces are convenient are cost-effective.

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40K BTU Patio Heater, White 170L BTU Heater, White 80K BTU Heater