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Tent Lighting

Tent Lighting


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Choose tent lighting for your Hampton Roads Event Rentals’ tent in a range of styles. Globe lights provide a bright glow even on the darkest evening. For a festive look, globe lights hang from a chandelier. To have a more classic look, add a gold chandelier. Twinkle lights give a soft, romantic look. For the most impressive display in pole and peak tents,twinkle light rings stretch from the center poles to re-create the sparkle of a starlit sky. Remember to light the walkway to your tent after the sun sets by adding electric white pole lights or propane lava lights.

String lights of all types and sizes can make any decorating style look more beautiful and welcoming. From party lights to fairy lights to mini lights, there are some wonderful ways that you can light up your reception area: whether it is in a formal space like a banquet hall or a more casual outdoor space.

If you are using a tent for your wedding reception, it doesn’t have to just be left alone. By taking string lights and highlighting the tent, including the pitch and more, you can turn the tent into a beautiful space that will make your reception brighter and more beautiful.

You can also have a beautiful chandelier that is enhanced by the string lights. It gives a grand effect that shows off the room and offers a beautiful setting for your wedding reception.

The importance of lighting at any event, especially a wedding, is often underestimated. Setting an atmosphere and creating a dramatic first impression is why mood lighting is so vital to any event. Get the lighting right and you are well on your way to creating a dynamic event.

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