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Side Curtains, Legs & Gutters

Side Curtains, Legs & Gutters


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When completing you tent rental remember to choose all or a combination of tent walls, side curtains, legs and gutters to your Hampton Roads Event Rentals order.  These accessories are compatible with any of the following tents: framepole & peak, and marquee. Add only one or two sides or completely enclose the tent. With one or two sides on the tent, keep air flow moving on a hot summer day, or use a solid side wall like a backdrop.

Use side curtains with large windows to let light in. The cathedral windows add elegance and class to any tent. Beautiful cathedral windows are used to create a dramatic effect while maintaining a closed tent. Ideal for events that will be held in the daytime, natural sunlight will create a natural transition from outsides to indoors. Enclose the tent on cold days, so that heat from tent heaters keeps yours guests warm throughout your event. Enclosed tents also provide some protection, keeping inventory hidden, or creates a dramatic surprise for guests walking into a hidden space.

Add other features like tent leg covers or gutters, to complete your tent set-up. Other products to be sure to include in you tent rentals are fans or tent heaters. Your guests will be having so much fun and be so comfortable they won’t event realize they are outside.

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Cathedral Window Tent Wall, Rain Gutters, Solid Tent Wall, Tent Leg Covers