Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. PAYMENT TERMS. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is due upon execution of contract. Remaining balance and any quantity changes are due two weeks prior to the event unless other arrangements have been made. All payments are non-refundable. Customer agrees to pay all collection fees and expenses related to the collection of rental charges including, but not limited to attorney fees and court costs. Customer is responsible for charges from the time items are “out” until checked back “in” as returned, as specified on the reverse side of this contract. Charge account customers will be charged 2% per month interest on funds past 30 days due, and all discounts will be forfeited if payment in full is late. If payment by check is dishonored or returned for any reason, customer authorizes representation of check for amount written, and be required to pay a $45 return check fee. Customer must provide a Virginia State Tax Sales and Use Form at execution of contract to be eligible for exemption. Tax charged will not be refunded.
  2. ACCESS. Customer agrees to provide Hampton Roads Event Rentals access to all areas where equipment is to be delivered, access to necessary utilities, adequate parking, and access to bathroom facilities.
  3. PERMITS. Tent permit requirements vary per locality. Generally tents with square footage over 900 feet require permits. Fire permits may also be required. Contact your local municipality to determine such requirements. Customer assumes all responsibility and costs for obtaining permits.
  4. UTILITIES. Under and above ground utilities must be marked. Hampton Roads Event Rentals will call Miss Utility to mark all public utilities. Customer is responsible for marking all private utilities and sprinkler systems. Customer releases Hampton Roads Event Rentals for any claims, demands, or responsibilities resulting from damage to property during set up or removal of equipment.
  5. CUSTOMER DELAY. Delays that are the fault of Customer, such as customer instructed relocation of rental items once set up has begun will result in the assessment of delay fees of $40 per man-hour.
  6. AVAILABILITY. Customer will be available for any required inspections and for clarification of specifications, such as location of setup, as may be required.
  7.  HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. If any materials believed by Hampton Roads Event Rentals to be hazardous materials are discovered, Hampton Roads Event Rentals will cease all work, and Customer will be responsible for the removal or abatement of such hazardous materials before work may resume.
  8. PHYSICAL CONDITION OF RENTAL ITEM (S). Customer acknowledges that prior to taking the rented item(s), Customer examined it, saw it in operation (if appropriate) is aware of its condition and agrees it is in good condition except for any defect noted on this contract. It is Customer’s responsibility to return the rented item(s) to Hampton Roads Event Rentals in the same condition.
  9. USE OF LEASED PROPERTY. Customer agrees to discontinue use of leased equipment and notify Hampton Roads Event Rentals immediately, should leased equipment any time while in customer possession become unsafe or in a state of disrepair. Customer agrees to pay for any damage to equipment except for reasonable wear and tear. Damage waiver, if paid, covers normal wear and tear and accidental damage of items during normal use. Assessment of the cause and extent of such damage is to be determined by staff of Hampton Roads Event Rentals. If Damage Waiver is declined, Customer shall assume responsibility for all damage repair or replacement costs as determined by Hampton Roads Event Rentals. A cleaning deposit will be charged at time of rental for dishes and all similar items, including but not limited to chafers and candelabras. If items are returned washed clean (dishes free from liquids and foods, candelabras free from wax), the deposit will be refunded. Nothing may be taped, glued or stapled, or attached in any way to any tent canopy, poles, or sidewalls. Sidewalls are not to be removed once installed. Labor charges will be assessed for any removal of adherences or cleaning resulting in improper usage.
  10. CANCELLATION/WEATHER POLICY. Customer reserves the right to cancel or postpone event prior to delivery, however all payments are non-refundable. Postponed events rentals are subject to availability. Hampton Roads Event Rentals is not responsible for delays caused by weather. Hampton Roads Event Rentals reserves the right to cancel outdoor set ups including but not limited to tents when affected by weather and other causes beyond Hampton Roads Event Rentals’ control. This includes acts of God, war, civil disorder, fire, communicable diseases, other emergencies or crisis including both named and unnamed storms, windstorms and hurricanes, which would prohibit the safe set up and usage of such items and/or inhibit delivery. Due to insurance regulations and safety requirements, this decision is to be made only by Hampton Roads Event Rentals, and includes the right to strike existing setups. For this reason, Hampton Roads Event Rentals encourages Customers to purchase Event Insurance from an appropriate vendor.
  11. EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLAN. Customers should evacuate all tents in heavy rains, high winds, thunderstorms, or any other event, which could place the stability of the tent in question. Customers are responsible for the removal of all property including personal property, vehicles, and anything else that could potentially be damaged by the collapse of tent as a result of dangerous weather.
  12. MODIFICATION OF CONTRACT. This contract, including these terms and conditions, represents our entire contract. There are no other collateral, oral or other agreements outstanding. Signature on the reverse side of this contract legally binds customer to all terms mentioned herein.
  13. LIMITATION OF DAMAGES. Customer’s sole remedy for any act or failure to act by Hampton Roads Event Rentals shall be a refund, not to exceed the rental amount paid by customer. In no event will Hampton Roads Event Rentals be liable for incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages, and Customer agrees to fully indemnify Hampton Roads Event Rentals relating to the same.
  14. SEVERABILITY. All terms and conditions set forth herein are severable, and in the event any of them shall be held invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining terms and conditions set forth herein shall be severed and shall remain in full force and effect as if such invalid terms and conditions were not contained herein.
  15. APPLICABLE LAW. The internal laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia (without resort to any provision regarding choice of law) will govern the contract and the relationship of the parties.

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